Breaking the rules and finding the “happy modern”

Sometimes, it’s possible to focus too much on the rules. Choosing the perfect furniture and having it all match can be a big design mistake. Today we want you to relax a little, the sun is out, summer is here. Let’s embrace the happy feeling in the air right now with the idea of cherishing our homes in all their quirky imperfections. That’s the inspiration of todays post.

happy modern rooms, eclectic, creative

happy, relaxed rooms make for happy, relaxed families.


We’ve been seeing a design trend lately, we’re calling it “Happy Modern” and it’s all about bright colours, clean lines, and graphic shapes.

happy modern

It’s about a mix of objects and decor without getting stuck with a single look.


Maybe it’s eclectic, and/or Mid-Century modern — it really can’t be defined by one particular style.

happy modern fun rooms

Add colour with art, there’s no better way than this to inject your own personality to a room.


There are a couple of different ways accomplish this cheerful style. You can either use mostly white or neutral finishes on the floors and walls and then add bright, vibrant hues and curvy shapes as accents with toss cushions and accessories.

happy modern

We just about die when our clients are brave enough to use a great paper for impact. Seriously.


Or, you can use a bold and bright colours and prints on your walls with wallpaper or paint finishes and keep the furnishings down to a dull roar.

happy modern

Wall paper. Nuff said.


The most important thing is to make it yours. A space is a reflection of things you embrace and that you have gathered along the way. Some of these things come and go, while others are in it for the long haul.

happy modern rooms

It’s the perfectly quirky mix of old and new


Bending the rules can be challenging, but we find if we let go of them the room finds it’s own heartbeat, and it becomes more about the experience.

happy modern

It starts and ends with the things you love.


It’s a combined admiration of the past and present, it’s about art, and life, which is ever-changing.

If you need guidance, hire us to help you complete the vision. We have a knack for this sort of thing.