House Crush- The Scandinavian Inspired Home

We’ve been drooling over the simplicity of the Scandinavian inspired home.  002bb45c204ed06d3fccc08d97232fce

These spaces are beautifully white, perfectly natural…and casually chic.


The thoughtful charm of this style is easily attainable because you just need to stick to a few simple rules.


Lighting is important here. Because Scandinavians and Swedes live many months in darkness, lighting, sunlight and fresh air are essential elements of design. 


The colours are muted, but rich with textures which can be just as interesting and important as colour.  Rattan, leather and fur are a great ways to add a little warmth and texture to a space.


There’s a lot going on in these spaces, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming because the colour palette is so perfectly muted. Also, furniture in these rooms is spaced out enough to allow each piece room to breathe.


Negative space is just as important —allowing the eye to rest so that a room reads as interesting and not chaotic. SRight-2

Loads of white…


Contrast is important.


Potted plants, elements of nature, very little clutter, and lots of textures…


It’s simplicity at it’s best.


We can all learn a few things from these  beautifully worn, wonderfully Scandinavian spaces.