Going Dark

Don’t get us wrong, we love a clean white room just as much as anyone. But we have to confess, lately we’ve been craving a darker, richer palette.

There’s something so intoxicating about going dark. It pulls you in.

Maybe its this time of year, when the days are short and you want to hunker down with a good book.

Paired with a few light things it doesn’t have to be scary.

But it’s SO good when it’s done right.

Be brave…take a step towards the darkness. It’s amazing in here.

Call us, we’d love to show you the dark side.





A little more “heartbeat” in your home

It’s a well-known fact that having plants in your home adds visual beauty, but we also love them for the health and happiness they bring to a space. unspecified-1


 In our living areas, plants bring natural beauty. By creating balance and texture, a room can be transformed instantly into a welcoming, comfortable environment.


We are deeply connected to plants on some level that just living with them in our home brings us repose and health.unspecified-3

They are proven for reducing stress. Generally, plants simply make people feel better.


With a little research, just about anyone can manage to put a little more “heartbeat” in their home by adding the perfect plant. 


By improving air quality and easing mental fatigue, plants manage to find themselves an indispensable part of life at home.


Plants are the backbone of all life on Earth and essential for our well-being.


They make us feel good… They feed the soul.

House Crush- The Scandinavian Inspired Home

We’ve been drooling over the simplicity of the Scandinavian inspired home.  002bb45c204ed06d3fccc08d97232fce

These spaces are beautifully white, perfectly natural…and casually chic.


The thoughtful charm of this style is easily attainable because you just need to stick to a few simple rules.


Lighting is important here. Because Scandinavians and Swedes live many months in darkness, lighting, sunlight and fresh air are essential elements of design. 


The colours are muted, but rich with textures which can be just as interesting and important as colour.  Rattan, leather and fur are a great ways to add a little warmth and texture to a space.


There’s a lot going on in these spaces, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming because the colour palette is so perfectly muted. Also, furniture in these rooms is spaced out enough to allow each piece room to breathe.


Negative space is just as important —allowing the eye to rest so that a room reads as interesting and not chaotic. SRight-2

Loads of white…


Contrast is important.


Potted plants, elements of nature, very little clutter, and lots of textures…


It’s simplicity at it’s best.


We can all learn a few things from these  beautifully worn, wonderfully Scandinavian spaces.

Weaving beauty~ the art of the kilim

The reason that kilim rugs remain a subject of such fascination and admiration for so many is the weight of their history. The flat weave designs tell the stories of their weavers and often have religious, talismanic or totemic meanings. These traditions are passed down from one generation to the next, and creating these designs requires great skill and knowledge.

For us it’s a beauty that never goes out of style.PastedGraphic-8

with vegetables dyes and natural, organic colours…


in any room….


They are a perfect way to add texture and colour


You can mix them with anything


Beautiful, historic, tribal designs


They make you feel things


Happy things


Every home could use one


their casual yet sophisticated


there’s just a certain ease to these rugs


Honestly, what are you waiting for?

The perfection of Herringbone

The Herringbone Pattern, so named for a fancied resemblance to the skeleton of a fish, is our latest love.


It’s classic, simple and beautiful.



The origin of the herringbone pattern is a road system developed by the Roman Empire around 500 B.C.  The interlocking pattern relies on criss-crossing chevrons and creates the stability for the road to absorb the compression of movement.


In fabric, it can be traced back to Egyptian textiles, but is generally defined as a variant of twill. It’s perfection.



Herringbone, for us, represents simple, classic design which has withstood the test of time for centuries.


Herringbone is versatile, it can be applied to a myriad materials… if you keep your eyes open you can see it everywhere.



Anything can be complicated; that’s easy. What’s difficult is making the simple, beautiful.

That’s Herringbone.


This kind of paradise

There’s something about the summer cabin. A place where we slow down, allow ourselves to observe our surroundings, breathe them in, bear witness to life unfolding. We can lose ourselves in the beauty of the scene – Like the soft evening light filtering through the warm lake air. 

This kind of paradise – the kind that breathes, the kind that cleanses, the kind that numbs our overheated nerves. It takes our heartbeat back to an un-caffeinated pace. A place where we forget about traffic and cell phones and work emails.
At the cabin, even design lets its guard down, things are simple.
and we appreciate the little things.
Outside everything feels better.
and we find new places to hide away…
Everything is prettier at the lake, and we’re all better for it.
Summer at the lake. What could be better?

The poetry of ordinary things

There is poetry in ordinary things.

Design doesn’t always live in straight lines. It sometimes jumps the queue and weaves along on it’s own path. When we can see new meaning in an old object, art can be found everywhere.
And all we have to do is stop and look around.



We inhabit both the inside and the outside of our homes, they give us comfort, shelter, joy and pleasure.

In the winter, inside and outside can still play nicely together—or at least share the same playground, and we love to explore the relationships between nature, interior design and identity in that place where our homes and the outdoors come together.


We’ll all look at the cold winter air fondly from the warmth of our homes…

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Canadian House and Home!

Oliver Simon Design’s loft project is featured in this months issue of Canadian House and Home! Canadian House and Home! This was a project we did about a year ago, which, the magazine featured in their “Small Spaces” issue, on stands now.

We love a good art wall.

Canadian House and Home, Callum Keith Rennie's Loft

And a clean, simple kitchen.

We love a collection of anything, here it’s antique scissors in the bathroom.

and a collection of hats over the industrial bedside table.



And it doesn’t hurt to have a client who you adore. Big thanks to C.K.R. for being such a good sport. And for being the coolest client in town.