About us

Greer Nelson

As the child of an established artist in Vancouver, I grew up surrounded by beauty in its infinite forms. It was almost inevitable that I would choose a career that involved creativity and design.

As long as I can remember, I have been in love with design, but it wasn’t until I began my studies that I realized I had really found my calling. I graduated from the BCIT program for Interior Design in 2003 and have been immersed in uniting function with beauty ever since.

I believe in creating carefully curated spaces, that everything should have its place, and that design should always flow smoothly in tandem with the natural rhythm of your life.

~ Greer lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband, and their son, Oliver.

Jamie Hamilton

The best advice I ever received was from my grandmother: “Do what you love, the rest will follow.”

I’ve always known that design is what I love most. It’s instinctive; it’s in my bones. For me, luxury is all about the feelings and experiences we create in our homes.

After my studies at the Interior Design Program at BCIT,  I traveled abroad and was inspired by the many cultural influences I experienced. I noticed that no matter where we are- we shape our homes and afterwards our homes shape us.

I’m continually excited to help people to see their homes in a different light, take a risk or two, and find that living in beautiful, artful surroundings enhances the quality of life – and feeds the soul.

~ Jamie raised her son, Simon, in North Vancouver where she still lives today.